Our Team

Melanie Elizabeth
CSAI Coordinator
In 2012 Melanie became involved in snake avoidance training when her tracking dog Leila was trained to avoid snakes.
She was immediately convinced that educating dogs to avoid snakes was something she should do. In fact by 2014 Melanie was coordinating clinics for members of her Search & Rescue group. Within months of her first clinic she began receiving reports of course graduate dogs successfully avoiding snakes in the field. Melanie was thrilled that the training was truly saving lives. She had discovered a system that really worked and was passionate about providing this specialized training to members of the public. Melanie quickly became the driving force behind Canine Snake Avoidance Training in Australia.

Seth Pywell
Principal Dog Trainer
Seth is the founder of modern Snake Avoidance Training. He has a diverse dog training background, covering hunting dogs, scent detection, behaviour modification, protection training, obedience training, temperament testing & assessment.
He has also worked and trained with some of the best dog trainers in the world. The development of Seth's nationally acclaimed CSAI Program was undertaken after he discovered fundamental flaws in traditional training systems. After addressing the scientific principles of canine learning, the program was refined and field tested in Australia with specialized working dogs for over 15 years. The testing eliminated any weaknesses, and produced the most reliable reptile avoidance training system available today. Recently Seth co-founded Canine Snake Avoidance International (CSAI) with search dog handler Melanie Elizabeth and biological scientist/herpetologist Marcus Cosentino.

Marcus Cosentino BSc(BiolSc) GradDipSc(BiolSc)
Principal Herpetologist
After graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Biological Science) from Edith Cowan University at he age of 20, Marcus continued with reseach into the specially protected and endemc South-west Carpet Pythons (Morelia spilota imbricata) to which he was awarded a Graduate Diploma of Science (Biological Science) for his work. During this time, Marcus headed and co-ordinated the field research on a number of university projects, as well establishing the reptile display and snake removal company, Slithers & Slides. Marcus is invited back to ECU every year to run Herpetology labs for the Environmental Science students. When the opportunity arose to make a significant differance to the large number of snakes, bobtails and bluetongues (native fauna) being injured by pet dogs through the co-founding of Canine Snake Avoidance International, Marcus dedicated his expertise to help the ongoing development of the world's most advanced canine snake avoidance training program.