How effective is it your program?
To test retention properly, the dog should be tested no sooner than 3 months after initial training, on a snake species that it has never encountered before, in a location it has never been before. The snake must be loose and NOT confined in a box or near any other equipment that may be a signal to the dog.

Hunting dogs
Snakes: 98% of CSAI program graduates avoided snakes when tested 6 months after training.
Bobtails: 94% of CSAI program graduates avoided bobtails when tested 6 months after training.

Pet dogs
Snakes: 99% of CSAI program graduates avoided snakes when tested 6 months after training.
Bobtails: 96% of CSAI program graduates avoided bobtails when tested 6 months after training.

How old must my dog be?
Minimum age for dogs attending is 6 months old

Can I watch my dog being trained?
Yes, we insist upon it.

Is my dog at risk from the snakes?
No, your dog is never put at risk at any time during the CSAI Program.

What if my dog has already encountered snakes?
Some dogs unfortunately have already engaged snakes and found them to be enjoyable play objects. These dogs are not being introduced to snakes for the first time and may require a training plan to break them of such habits.

Why must I attend 2 separate sessions?
To avoid overwhelming your dog and to test the retention of the prior lesson a second session is essential.
The rule with such learning is multiple lessons in multiple places equals better learning and retention.

How do I prepare my dog?
We ask that you fast your dog for 24 hours prior to attending your lesson.
We will send you an email reminding you when to commence fasting.

Prior exercise
Please do NOT exercise your dog any time within the 24 hour fasting period. While you may normally find your dog easier to manage after exercise we require your dog to be full of energy and motivation.

Please bring
Dogs water bowl, dog lead and a secure well fitted collar with a metal buckle is required for both sessions.
Plastic clip on collars, choker chains, martingales, halti/gentle leaders are all inappropriate for this training.

Why does my dog need to be fasted for 24hrs before the clinic?
Even if your dog is a very good eater it must be fasted for 24 hours. No amount of food drive actually makes up for authentic hunger. Authentic hunger is very important as it is required to help your dog during the “odour recognition” & “contrast” phases of training. The contrast phase is critical as it gives your dog clarity and prevents your dog from making inappropriate associations and thus sabotaging the reliability of the training.

My dog has trouble concentrating in obedience class - how can she cope with 2.5hrs of training?
The training is delivered in groups of 5-8 dogs and each dog is trained in rotating 5 minute intervals. This approach prevents the dogs becoming bored with the training and strengthens the learning process.

My dog doesn’t get along with other dogs, is this going to be a problem?
No problem, as each dog comes out in turn so your dog will not be seeing any other dogs.