Other Services

Reptile Detection Dogs
Our team can provide trained working dogs to meet your specific operational requirements.
  • Location and recovery of lost reptiles
  • Detection and removal of wild reptiles
  • Conservation - locating rare and endangered species
  • OH&S - preventative school, office, workshop, construction and property sweeps
Marcus Cosentino is WA's leading herpetologist in the field of Canine Snake Avoidance.
Aside from this progressive work and research, Marcus still continues to provide:
  • Reptile education
  • Public reptile displays
  • Reptile removal services
  • Consultancy

For effective dog training that encompasses reliability and compassion.
When you need your dog to obey your commands first time, every time, every where!

  • Reliable obedience
  • Scent detection/tracking
  • Behavioral modification
  • Consultancy