Professional Dog Trainers
Public Clients
Dr. Shay Rogers B.Sc, B.V.M.S
Nullakai Vet Services

Thank you for the canine snake avoidance course that you have provided my clients and myself.
It has been a terrific way to prevent fatalities to both dogs and reptiles. Being a veterinarian in a small rural community, my apprehension in hosting your course was allayed quite early in speaking with you and noting how well informed you were in regards to dog behaviour and the use of electric collars.
The information you provided before hand, during and after the course showed how well you research this particular area and how open you were to adapt the course to suit individual dogs learning. I was particularly impressed and so were the dogs, with the treats used, but more importantly the patient gentle approach you talk towards my patients as well as my own dog. It is so important that dogs are confident well they are learning and you displayed this in your training methods, but ensured that he continued even when the dogs were not actually been trained.
It was obvious that you had carefully selected your reptile handler who had knowledge second to none on not only his snakes and lizards but also the local resident reptiles of Western Australia.
If anyone has any hesitation towards your course, please feel free to forward my details to them.
Dr. Shay Rogers - Nullakai Vet Services
Kris Kosopoulos
Von Forell

I first met Seth Pywell in 2009, since then we have become great friends. In the entire time I have kn own Seth his professionalism, determination and passion have never waivered. Seth's evolution in training dogs is almost miraculous making gains that impress me every time we meet. His ability to think clearly, comprehend and then apply concepts of animal learning is refreshingly inspiring and knowing very well that his ability matches his determination, it is no wonder that Seth is making tremendous improvement in the lives of dogs and their owners.
My best,
Kris Kotsopoulos - Von Forell
Lee Jeeves
Patterdale Terrier Owner

I keep and house working terriers on my rural property. I have lost several dogs to snake bite as they are very inquisitive. I attended the Snake Avoidance Workshop with my 10 month old terrier and I have to say, the results where impressive. I have actually witnessed my 10 month old terrier get well clear of a tiger snake near the wood shed and on another occasion he backed off from the water trough, I investigated and found a young tiger snake living under it. Maybe coincidence but I doubt it.
I recommend this course to anyone who lives on a rural property.
Lee Jeeves
Albany WA
Dr Nadine Gruenthal
The Pet Practice

Seth Pywell is an expert dog trainer specializing in the fields of obedience training, behavior modification, scent detection and protection training. Further to this, Seth has developed the Canine Snake Avoidance Program (CSAI Program). This CSAI Program educates dogs to recognize and avoid snakes thus reducing the incidences of canine-reptile interactions.
I believe this training to be effective in reducing the risk of snake bite to dogs that have successfully completed the program, as these dogs no longer pursue or engage snakes and actively avoid snakes when encountered. The benefits are also shared by Australian Native Fauna as this training reduces the incidents of harassment and predation by dogs.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Nadine Gruenthal BSc BVMS MVS
Michael Margot
Search Dog Trainer

Whilst attending this course, I was impressed with the professional attitude of the course organizers and the outcome achieved by my dog. I now consider my dog to be snake proofed after seeing the way he avoided a snake in the bush about 5 weeks after that course. For anybody working in the field of search & rescue work or just club tracking then please consider attending this course. It may just save your dogs life.
Michael Margot
Perth WA
Matt Hancock

Had my retreiver/border collie trained in snake avoidance training with Perth Dog Trainers [CSAI], absolutely thrilled with the results,  witnessing the behavior change towards snakes and the high level of professionalism of Seth And Mel. Well done guys, thank you so much! ! 
Matt Hancock
Albany WA
Craig Shepherd
President CETA

I congratulate Seth and Mel from CSAI for the increadibly unique and scientific Snake Avoidance course they have developed and are providing to dog owners. I have personally experienced this course with my German Shepherd. The structure and running of the course was increadible and my dog completely avoids all reptiles now. Without a doubt Seth is the best dog trainer I have had the pleasure of working with and his program of certification of snake avoidance trainers is the best I have experienced. Anyone wanting to protect their dog (and native reptiles) I strongly recommend this training. Unfortunately there are other people offering snake avoidance training for dogs (often cheaper) but they are not based on the sound dog learning principals and scientific evidence used by Seth and his certified trainers.
Keep up the good work!!!
Craig Shepherd
Canine Education & Training Association
Western Australia
Debbie Coleman
Allsorts dog behaviour & training services

I would like to highly recommend CSAI
Canine Snake Avoidance workshop. The course was professionally presented and detailed explanations were provided. The process methodical and all dogs were looked after and catered for individually. A skilled Snake handler looked after all the reptiles used so safety was paramount, additionally allowing Seth to keep his full attention on the dogs attending. An extremely high standard of dog psychology and understanding of dog body language was shown by Seth and I was impressed by the gentle level of care given to each personality of dog present, especially towards my over sensitive Border Collie.
I will be recommending this course and trainers to all my clients and will be sending each of my dogs through the course. I have absolute faith that my Border collie Flynn would avoid a snake in the future and this course may very well save his life as he loves his bush walks.
Debbie Coleman
Dog Trainer NDTF Cert 3
ALLSORTS Dog Behaviour & Training Services

Julie Hooper
Boxer owner

Thought you would appreciate a little "sign of success" from the twins the other night.  They went out for their bed time wee and there was a frog, both looked and did a wide  berth around it, keeping their eyes focussed sideways.  good girls. now if we could stop them testing to see if the bee on the grass is alive......
as it has been lovely and cool down here we haven't given a lot of thought to a follow up "test" and thankfully haven't seen any slitheries.  my neighbour saw one down the road , he said a tiger and looooooooooooong.   please let us know though if you are coming down here and we may do a follow up.  definitely be doing one august time even if we come to perth.

bye then Julie, peter and the girls

Julie Hooper
Albany WA