The WORLD'S most advanced and reliable snake avoidance training program for dogs. The safety of your dog is our top priority!

Need to be confident your dog will stay away from snakes even when you're not around? The Canine Snake Avoidance International program was founded on the principal that your dog learns that it is in it's own best interest to stay away from all snakes, taking away the need for human supervision. This program was developed using scientifically sound methods and decades for experience from industry professionals, world renowned dog trainer Seth Pywell and profesional herpetologist Marcus Cosentino. CSAI insist on using live snakes (under strict safety conditions) to train dogs in snake avoidance, anything else simply does not work. You can watch as your dog learns and chooses not to engage the snakes. Only CSAI Certified Trainers have been through our rigorous training process, taught the secrets of our program and deemed to be of a high enough calibre to provide our course.

Snake Avoidance Package
  • 2 Training Sessions
          - Approx. 2.5 Hours per Session
          - Training is done in groups (Bennificial for dogs learning snake avoidance)
  • Minimum 10 Reptiles Used (Includes 2 Venomous Snakes)
          - Number of reptiles required for dogs to learn snake avoidance
          - Laws of generalisation used to train dogs to avoid all species of snakes
  • Total $440 per Dog (Perth region)
          - Rural training sessions may incur additional fees
  • Both CSAI certified dog trainer and professional reptile handler present
  • Teaches avoidance for both snake movement and snake odour

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Check out this video of dogs avoiding live snakes during the CSAI course!
As a result of training, all of these dogs make their own decision to avoid the reptile they are presented with. This is a significant result considering each dog in this video approached the first snake they were presented with without hesitation.